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Option Three

Trans coming-out mentoring

A well approached coming-out can have a very positive impact on the productivity, the image of your company as well as the team cohesive-even in existing dysfunctional teams. We support you, your company and the trans person with our many years of experience on the method for handling the coming-out process.

To achieve a successful accompaniment, we recommend a planning workshop, a regular coaching and a final wrap-up. The planning workshop and the final discussion are held at your company. The regular coaching sessions can be carried out on-site or via video-conference upon request.

Costs: on request

Option Four

Organisational development-diversity, inclusion, recruitment and trans@work

Make your company fit for diversity and inclusion in the gender field and benefit from our advice with real recommendations for action. Diversity among employees is not only a buzzword in the world of work, but an actual success factor for your company. Many companies have already recognized this and are benefiting from a more productive workforce and a better image for both customers and suppliers. We look forward to helping you and working together.

Costs: on request