The application process

Even if there are external recruiters that claim something different: as a trans person, almost all the jobs that cis people can do are open to you!

Since trans people are at a disadvantage in the application process, especially if they are identifiable as trans, it is better of course if you already have a job where you feel comfortable.

If you don’t have a job yet: are there employers who already know you and would re-hire you? Are there networks that appreciate you and your work? Personal contacts can be particularly useful for trans people, because in Switzerland 70 percent of the jobs are occupied by the so-called hidden labour market.

Application procedure with employers where you are currently unknown to them

The situation for trans people is individual in nature. The following Q&A wizard is intended to show that the conditions under which trans people apply are very different.

Unfortunately, discrimination in the job application process occurs especially when you are visibly trans. That is why many questions are aimed precisely at this. ‘Trans is beautiful’ and nothing you should be ashamed of-but for economic reasons it is often expedient to come out as late as possible in the application procedure.

Are you still unsure how to behave in your workplace or job interview? Get a first orientation in our interactive test.

For the application process we have compiled a collection of useful documents for you (currently available only in German, French and Italian). You can find all the current documents here.

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